Chico gourmet - Superior quality ingredients for your Pet

A Unique Culinary Experience for Delicate Palates

High Quality Culinary Delights for your pet

A Unique Culinary Experience for the Delicate Palates of Your Animals

Discover the Chico Gourmet range, high quality products designed to offer an exceptional culinary experience to your pet. Our products are developed by passionate professionals, cooked with top quality ingredients to satisfy the most delicate palates.

  • Top quality ingredients: At Chico Gourmet, we carefully select each ingredient to ensure optimal quality. We use premium ingredients, such as selected meats and fresh vegetables, to provide your pet with a healthy and delicious diet.
  • Delights for all species: Whether you have a rodent, a bird, a dog or a cat, Chico Gourmet has beautiful solutions to satisfy your pet’s taste buds. We offer a full range of foods and treats tailored to each species, to meet their specific nutritional needs.
  • A unique dining experience: Every bite of Chico Gourmet offers your pet a unique dining experience. The recipes are carefully crafted to ensure a perfect balance of flavours and textures, giving your companion a real delight at every meal.

A Healthy and Delicious Diet for Your Pet

Chico Gourmet is committed to providing your pet with a healthy and delicious diet. Our recipes are specially formulated to provide your pet with excellent levels of high-quality protein, contributing to their health and well-being.

  • High levels of high quality protein: Chico Gourmet recipes are made with high levels of high quality protein. Protein is essential for muscle development, bone health, and your pet’s overall vitality. We make sure that each meal provides him with the nutrients he needs.
  • A healthy and balanced diet: At Chico Gourmet, we attach great importance to nutritional balance. Our recipes are designed to provide your pet with all the essential nutrients, including vitamins and minerals, needed for their overall health. Offer your pet a balanced diet that is beneficial for its vitality.
  • Taste pleasure and well-being: We believe that taste pleasure contributes to the well-being of your pet. With Chico Gourmet delights, you can offer your companion a tasty and rewarding culinary experience, allowing him to feast while promoting his health and happiness.

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