A guide to flea control products

Does your dog or cat have a history of getting fleas? Or maybe you want to go hiking with your dog and prefer to keep these pesky parasites at bay? At Chico, we’re always available to provide you with expert advice on flea treatments and all other pet care matters. In this article, we help you determine which flea treatment is most appropriate for your pet.

Applying a flea treatment

Flea control products contain ingredients that are able to exterminate fleas. The quantities of these active ingredients are carefully controlled to prevent any harm to your pet. However, it’s up to you to make sure you follow the use and dosage instructions indicated on the product label.

When choosing a flea control product, there are several relevant factors: your pet’s species (i.e. dog or cat), their age and their weight. Certain ingredients, for example, are toxic for cats but harmless to dogs, and all treatments are potentially harmful when overapplied. It’s important to use only one product at a time and, if you have more than one pet, to keep them separated for 24 hours after application.


Once you apply the drops to the back to the neck, this product will distribute over your pet’s skin on its own. This is thanks to sebum, the oily substance your pet’s hair naturally produces. Don’t rub the liquid in to get it to absorb, as this may reduce its effectiveness.


Read the product instructions carefully. Some collars need to be stretched in order to release the flea powder. Always adjust the collar so that it fits well and cut off any excess material so that your pet can’t chew on it. Ingesting the powder can have negative health consequences.


Powders such as diatomaceous earth can be spread across your pet’s fur. Use gloves to avoid contact with the product and only apply it when your pet is in a calm state. Otherwise, it may accidently get ingested.

Treats and pills

Flea treats are designed to be tasty, so chances are you won’t have any trouble getting your pet to gobble them up. Pills, however, can be trickier. If your cat or dog refuses to take their pills, you can purchase treats that are designed to conceal medication.

When you choose the right flea control product for your pets, you can feel at ease when you go to dog-friendly spots with your pup or let your cat roam free outdoors. Visit your nearest Chico pet store for personalized pet advice.