7 tips for dog and cat owners who are about to move

Are you moving soon and wondering what you need to do in terms of your cat or dog? Here are some tips, courtesy of the team at Chico, for making both the mayhem of moving day and transitioning into a new environment easier for your pet. 

Get your pet’s medical records from the vet

Are you moving to another city? If so, you need to find a new vet for your animal companion. Remember to ask your current vet for your pet’s medical records so that the new one gets all the information they need about your animal’s health. If you haven’t found a new veterinarian yet, your old one may be able to recommend someone in the city you’re moving to.

Don’t change your pet’s routine

To minimize the stress your pet will feel during the move, keep her routine for meals and walks the same in the time leading up to it. You should also do your best to pack up your house slowly. Minor changes to your pet’s environment spread out over weeks will cause less anxiety than a last-minute blitz.

Get your pet a new tag and update her microchip

Before moving day, get a new tag for your dog or cat with updated contact information and attach it securely to her collar. If she has a microchip, ensure that it’s up to date too. This way, if your dog or cat gets lost during the move, you won’t have problems finding your pet.

Shelter your pet from the stress of the move

Consider entrusting your pet to a friend or family member or putting her in a daycare on moving day. This spares her the commotion of the event. Alternatively, you could put your pet in a closed room with a bowl of water, food and toys. If necessary, you could arrange it so that someone in your family is always with her.

Make your home welcoming for your pet

Set up all your dog’s or cat’s things (bed, bowls, toys, litter box and so on) right away. This will help your pet to feel more at home in her new environment. If possible, it’s also a good idea to to visit the new home with your pet a few days before the move. This way, she’ll already be familiar with the smell.

Introduce your pet to her new neighbourhood

If you have a dog, take her on a walk the first night so that she can explore and get familiar with the new neighbourhood — you can both look out for dog-friendly spots! However, make sure you’ve got a firm grip on the leash, as your dog may try to return to your old home.

Maintain your pet’s routine

Once you’re at the new house, keep up your pet’s routine. Feeding and walking your animal companions at familiar times will make the transition less difficult for them. If you can, remain with them in the new home for a few days or until they get used to the new environment.

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