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Ideal for dogs and cats, the omega-3 formula is made of natural grade fish oil, cold pressed and not denatured. Omega-3s in the form of fish oil are better digested and assimilated by cats and dogs than vegetable versions. Fish oils will not only help for allergies or skin problems such as atopic dermatitis and itching but are also recommended for several other conditions. They can improve the appearance of the coat, help with kidney or heart problems, reduce various types of inflammation, and even improve a young dog’s learning abilities.

Key feature:

  • Relieves dry skin and wreaks.
  • Contributes to a glossy and healthy coat.

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Active ingredient per 5 ml: 

Fish oil (18% AEP.12% ADH).......... 4620mg

AEP (Acide eicosapentanoïque)……….830mg

DHA: (docosahenxaneoic acid)..........550mg

How to use

To give with food.

Intensive treatment: Once a day every day for 1 month.

Preventive treatment: once a day, 3 times a week for 6 months or as needed.

For seasonal allergies: Give 2 to 3 months in the spring and fall. 

Additional information

Additional information

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