Giant beef femur

Chico Gourmet


A rich and delicious treat that helps maintain dental hygiene. Without any preservatives or additives. 100% natural, low in fat and an excellent source of protein.

Good oral hygiene is essential for the health of your pet. A healthy mouth says: better digestion, physical health, mental health all this starting with chewing. Chewing exercise can often help for dogs with behavioral problems or just for those who don’t always have the chance to move as much as they need. Focuses energy and spends another way.

PLEASE NOTE: You should never leave your pet unattended for chewing activity. Never give too fragile bones which could break and cause serious injuries to the dog at the level of its mouth or worse, perforations of the stomach. Throw away small pieces to avoid choking hazards. Not recommended for young dogs.

This product is not intended for children. A slight variation in weight can be observed depending on the degree of drying of the product. Avoid contact with carpets, rugs or any surface that is not stain proof.

A bone adapted to the size of your dog:

Also make sure that the bone is big enough compared to the mouth of the dog so that it cannot swallow it “whole” or too small at the risk of it choking or causing intestinal obstruction. The rule of thumb is not to offer bones larger in size than prey the dog would be able to hunt on its own.


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Additional information

Weight 2.4 kg
Dimensions 15 × 18 × 8 cm
Brand Chico Gourmet