Rabbit, hedgehog, and guinea pig: can these little animals go in the snow?

Do your children beg you to let them play with their little pets in the snow? Before answering them, read this article by your animal specialists at Chico!

A pet rabbit can play in the snow—under certain conditions
Dwarf rabbits can play in the snow if they’re used to going outside all year round. If your rabbit has fur that has adapted to handle cold temperatures, trips outside in the snow shouldn’t pose a threat. On the other hand, if rabbits have never gone outside in the winter before and their feet haven’t developed any fur to protect them, it’s best to keep them indoors in the winter months. If unprepared rabbits do go out in the snow, they’re risking getting sick.

A hedgehog exposed to the cold could be tempted to hibernate
In order to stay in good health, hedgehogs must live in a temperate climate, without a lot of variation in the temperature. If they feel cold, they can suddenly—and involuntarily—go into hibernation mode. You want to avoid this at all costs. When hedgehogs hibernate, their metabolisms slow down, which leaves them vulnerable. In particular, they risk contracting pneumonia, or even dying. In short, letting your hedgehog play in the snow is not a good idea!

Some guinea pigs can play outside in the snow
Similar to a rabbit, a guinea pig can go out in the snow only if he’s already acclimated to cold temperatures. Domestic guinea pigs that live their entire lives indoors, however, become very sensitive to changes in the ambient temperature and strong currents of wind. Letting pet guinea pigs play in the snow isn’t such a great idea as they can also develop serious health problems.

In short, playing in the snow is a privilege reserved for pets who are tougher than average.

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