Washable Wipe KLIIN 3PCK



Calling all animal lovers, this combo will make many hearts crack!

Here is the paper towel you need for you, for your pooch and for the environment.
Perfect for cleaning your dog’s paws after a walk or wiping up messes for your pup who is just learning to potty train and more!

KLIIN is a compact, functional, machine washable, soft, super absorbent and compostable reusable kitchen towel.
KLIIN is the perfect solution to traditional paper towels!

We’ve compared our KLIINs to conventional paper towels to convince you to opt for efficient and eco-friendly convenience.
Our scientific process

Step 1: Immerse paper towel completely in water

Step 2: Let it drain naturally

Step 3: Wring it out in a measuring cup

Step 4: Check the water collected by the paper towel

​KLIIN can be washed in the dishwasher or machine up to 300 times.

It’s up to you to experience it at home!

Easy clean
How to use
HOW TO MAINTAIN IT? In order to kill germs, heat your well-wet KLIIN in the microwave for 2 minutes. But be careful, your KLIIN will be extremely hot! Take care to let it cool down before resuming it. You can still handle it with a kitchen tool such as tongs. Add a little percarbonate of soda to make it more KLIIN. After several months or years of use, your KLIIN will begin to thin and sometimes pierce, depending on how you use it. When the time comes, place your KLIIN in the compost or simply in your flowerbeds so that it can continue its life cycle. It will feed your plants, your lawn, your garden, your family. Together we can make every home more KLIIN.
Additional information

Additional information

Colours Green, Blue