Vesper Treehouse


Nature-inspired cat furniture with elegant wooden posts to which toys can be attached

The Catit Vesper™ Cat Tree provides a modern, nature-inspired play area for adventurous cats and kittens. At the heart of the tree is a sturdy trunk made of a bulky natural scratching post, accessible from all sides from stable platforms ideal for relaxation. The furniture’s elegant wooden posts simulate tree branches and are used to hang your feline’s cozy hideout and hammock perch. The cat tree posts can be decorated with a variety of toys to make your cat’s playtime even more fun.


Sleek design with unique scratching post

A cat tree doesn’t need to take up your entire living room to be exceptional. There’s nothing superfluous about the Catit Vesper™ cat tree. In fact, it is simply composed of a single scratching post supported by thin wooden posts in a warm and natural color.

Further information
  • Small 3-tier cat tree with bulky scratching post |  l. 59 x D. 57.5 x H. 86.5 cm (23.2 x 22.6 x 34 in)
  • Medium 4-tier cat tree with high scratching post | 72 x D. 57.5 x H. 124.5 cm (28.3 x 22.6 x 49 in)
  • Large 5 Tier Cat Tree with Supreme Scratching post | l. 72 x D. 57.5 x H. 163 cm (28.3 x 22.6 x 64.1 in)
Additional information

Additional information

Brand Catit
Format Medium, Large, Small