Animeu Vapo-Relaxation is an ambient mist to deodorize, calm and soothe your animals.

Useful to reduce anxiety related to a car ride, a visit to the vet or just when you leave the house.

Just shake the bottle, then spray a few jets to start the relaxation process.

Its proven blend of essential oils (orange, lavender, and tangerine) helps relax your companion, while the emu oil it contains hydrates, softens and nourishes the skin with essential fatty acids and emollients.

It can be used in the air, on textiles, directly on the animal or its relaxation area, leaving at the same time a pleasant scent in the house.


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100% natural
Odour control
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Additional information

Additional information

Weight 0.142 kg
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 14 cm
Brand Animeu
Format 120 ml


Aqua (distilled water), citrus orantium dulcis, lavandula angustifolia, citrus nobilis, dromiceius (emu oil).