Turkey stew canned food for kittens to adult cats (374 g)

Performatrin Ultra


Offer a delightful culinary experience to your kitten or adult cat with our turkey stew canned food. Carefully prepared, this tasty recipe combines tender, quality turkey pieces with a creamy sauce to create an irresistible meal for your four-legged companion. Our turkey stew is formulated to meet the specific nutritional needs of cats, providing a balanced source of proteins, vitamins, and essential minerals. Its gentle texture and delicate flavor will make your cat drool with every bite. Give them the best with our turkey stew canned food for kittens to adult cats.

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To feed your kitten or adult cat, open the can of turkey stew and pour the appropriate amount into their food bowl. Make sure to provide fresh water for them at all times. For optimal freshness, refrigerate any unused portions and use them within 2 days. Follow the recommended feeding guidelines based on your cat's weight and age for a balanced and healthy diet.
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Additional information

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