Turkey stew can for puppy to adult dog (374 g)

Performatrin Ultra


Offer your canine companion a delicious and balanced culinary experience with our Turkey Stew Can for Puppy to Adult Dog. Prepared with high-quality ingredients, this tasty formula is specially designed to meet the nutritional needs of growing puppies and adult dogs. Turkey stew is a rich source of lean proteins and contains essential vitamins to support the overall health of your pet. Give them a meal that will make them lick their bowl every time!

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To feed your puppy or adult dog, serve an appropriate portion of turkey stew based on its weight and appetite. Make sure to always provide fresh water to your pet. If it's the first time you're introducing this product into their diet, gradually mix it with their current food over a few days to facilitate the transition. Store the unused can in the refrigerator and respect the expiration date indicated on the packaging to maintain the freshness of the product.
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Additional information

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