Turkey, salmon, and duck pate can for puppy to adult dog (374 g)

Discover our delicious turkey, salmon, and duck pate can, specially designed to meet the nutritional needs of puppies and adult dogs. This balanced formula is a true explosion of flavors, combining the tenderness of turkey, the richness of salmon, and the exquisite flavor of duck. Your loyal companion will love every bite of this highly appetizing recipe. In addition to its irresistible taste, this can is rich in quality proteins to support the growth and muscular development of your puppy, as well as to maintain good physical condition in adult dogs. Give your dog an exceptional culinary experience and provide them with the best nutrition with our turkey, salmon, and duck pate can.
To feed your puppy or adult dog, serve them an appropriate portion of the turkey, salmon, and duck pate can based on their size, weight, and nutritional needs. You can serve the can as is or mix it with dry food for an even tastier experience. Always make sure to provide fresh water for your pet. For optimal storage, keep the pâté can in a cool, dry place and properly seal it after use. Consult your veterinarian for specific recommendations on the amount to give to your dog based on their age and activity level.
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Additional information