Turkey and potato pate can for adult dog (374 g)

Offer your adult dog a delicious and balanced culinary experience with our turkey and potato pate can. Prepared with care, this tasty formula combines tender and high-quality turkey pieces with delicious potatoes to provide your four-legged companion with a highly appetizing meal. Our pate can is specially designed to meet the nutritional needs of adult dogs by providing essential proteins, vitamins, and minerals to help them stay in great shape. The smooth texture and exquisite flavor of this recipe will delight your dog’s taste buds with every bite. Give them the best with our turkey and potato pate can!
Serve your adult dog an appropriate portion of our turkey and potato pate can based on its weight and activity level. We recommend dividing the recommended daily amount into two balanced meals. Make sure to always provide fresh water to your dog at all times. For optimal storage, please keep this can in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Before serving, gently mix the pâté for even distribution of the ingredients. Your dog will love this delightful culinary experience!
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Additional information