The Zenitude cat tree



Cat attitude, basking in the sun, the wind in your fur!

To hide, hunt, claw, jump and work on sharp reflexes. Your cat needs to move in such ways on a regular basis in order to maintain a good physical and mental health. A cat that owns a tree will tend to reduce its stress through play as well as having a great place to rest.

Covered with incomparably soft rugs and resistant rope, it offers a cozy hammock and at the top, a soft bed to observe your surroundings in complete zenitude.

The future favorite of kitty.

In stock

Chico exclusive
Gentle on paws
Additional information

Additional information

Weight 8.20 kg
Dimensions 63 × 37.5 × 26.5 cm
Brand Zoo&co
Dimensions assemblé 70 × 34.5 × 110 cm

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