Ten duck flavored leather-free sticks (small)

Performatrin Ultra


Discover our new pack of ten duck-flavored leather-free sticks for your furry little companion! Made with care and without the use of animal leather, these sticks are both tasty and environmentally friendly. Your pet will love nibbling on these sticks, while you can offer them a healthy and natural treat. Leather-free sticks are also perfect for animals with sensitivities or allergies to traditional leather. Give your four-legged companion an exquisite chewing experience with our ten duck-flavored leather-free sticks!

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To give your pet a pleasant chewing experience, follow these simple instructions:
  1. Open the pack of duck-flavored leather-free sticks.
  2. Give one stick to your pet.
  3. Make sure to supervise your pet while they chew to avoid any choking risks.
  4. Once your pet has finished chewing, make sure to dispose of the leftovers appropriately.
  5. Repeat the experience regularly to provide your pet with a delicious leather-free treat with a duck flavor!
Additional information

Additional information

Brand Performatrin Ultra