Ten beef flavored leather-free sticks (small)

Performatrin Ultra


Discover our delicious leather-free sticks with an irresistible beef flavor. Perfect for small dogs, these sticks are carefully crafted with premium-quality ingredients. Offer your four-legged companion a lasting and savory chewing experience. Leather-free sticks are a healthy and delightful alternative to traditional treats. Their firm texture and enticing flavor will captivate your dog’s attention, providing them with hours of enjoyment. Don’t forget to reward your faithful friend with these delicious leather-free sticks!

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Give your dog a small-sized leather-free stick with beef flavor as a reward or to keep them entertained during playtime. Make sure to supervise your pet while they chew the stick and ensure they always have access to fresh water. To ensure optimal freshness, store the sticks in a cool, dry place.
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Additional information

Brand Performatrin Ultra