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Are you looking for a shampoo for your dog or cat that suffers from excessive shedding due to their coat type or seasonal changes? Look no further! Our Shedding Control Shampoo for dogs and cats is the solution you have been searching for.

This pet shampoo is formulated with moisturizers, oat protein, and vitamins that encourage a shiny coat, healthy skin, and decreased shedding. It is designed to help reduce hair loss while moisturizing the skin and nourishing your pet’s coat.

Our shedding control shampoo for dogs and cats is easy to use, gentle, and effective. It is also safe for pets, as it does not contain any irritating or harmful ingredients. Your pet will appreciate the fresh and clean feeling it provides while benefiting from a healthier and more beautiful coat.

So, if you are looking to reduce your dog or cat’s shedding while providing them with a shiny coat and healthy skin, our Shedding Control Shampoo for dogs and cats is the perfect choice for you and your pet. Order now and give your faithful companion the care they deserve!

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Purified water, hydrolyzed oat protein, coconut-based cleansers (plant-derived), panthenol (moisturizing agent), sodium lauroyl lactylate (humectant), Aloe Vera, vitamin A, D3 and E, fragrance.

  1. Wet your pet's coat with warm water.
  2. Apply a sufficient amount of shampoo to your pet's coat, avoiding contact with the eyes and ears.
  3. Gently massage your pet's coat with the shampoo, making sure it lathers well. Focus on areas that are prone to shedding.
  4. Allow the shampoo to sit for approximately 5 minutes to allow the active ingredients to deeply penetrate the coat.
  5. Thoroughly rinse your pet's coat with warm water until all the lather has been removed.
  6. Carefully dry your pet with a soft, warm towel.
It is recommended to use this shampoo during your pet's shedding period, to facilitate the removal of dead hair and help maintain a healthy and shiny coat. If you are unsure about using the product, consult a veterinarian.
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Additional information

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