One roll without leather – chicken recipe (large)

Performatrin Ultra


Give your faithful companion a delicious taste experience with our Roll without Leather in the chicken recipe. Made with love and your dog’s health in mind, this leather-free roll is a tasty alternative to traditional leather-based products. Its tender texture and irresistible chicken flavor will delight your dog’s taste buds while providing a source of quality proteins. Specifically designed for large dogs, this leather-free roll is easy to slice and serve, offering a pleasant and satisfying chewing experience. Treat your four-legged friend to this delicious leather-free roll with a chicken flavor!

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Cut the Roll without Leather in the chicken recipe into appropriate slices or pieces for your dog's size. Serve as a treat or as a reward during training. Always make sure to provide fresh water for your dog. Store the leather-free roll in a cool and dry place after opening to preserve its freshness and flavor.
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Additional information

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