Dry food for mouse- hamsters- gerbil



The dry food mix EVM (vitamins & mineral enriched) Chico for mouse, hamsters and gerbils offers a wide selection of savory, first quality fresh seeds and nuts that hamsters and gerbils craves and look for in nature. It contains the appropriate amount of protein, fat, vitamins and minerals for your furry love to keep an excellent health.

Chico exclusive
Optimal health
Make sure your little animal lacks nothing. Always have fresh water and food within arm's reach. Prefer complete feeds to mixed grain mixes because your animal will tend to nibble, select the foods it will be most fond of and will leave the other grains which are however also necessary for its diet. Also be sure to carefully examine your small rodent's bowl and accessories, looking for any breakage that could potentially injure your pet.
Additional information

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 19 × 14 × 10 cm
Format 1800 g, 900 g
Brand Chico

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