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Give your dog a delicious treat that they will love! At Chico, we believe that good nutrition is essential for ensuring the health and longevity of our pets. That’s why we have prepared Multigrain Chicken Bars with the best ingredients for demanding canines.

Our bars are made with premium chicken protein accompanied by vegetables to offer a tasty culinary experience to your dog. With Chico Gourmet’s Multigrain Chicken Bars, you can provide your dog with varied and delicious food while taking care of their health. Your dog deserves the best, so give them the taste they love!

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Chicken meat, rice flour, vegetable glycerin, wheat gluten, oats, sesame, cashews, coconut milk, sorbitol, modified starch, salt, vitamin E, potassium sorbate, vitamin C.

This treat should be used as a reward or as a training aid as part of a healthy diet, not exceeding 10% of your dog's daily energy needs. Ensure that your dog has fresh and clean water at all times. This usage guide is intended for an active and healthy dog, and treats should be given under supervision. Please note that this product is not suitable for cats. Additionally, this product contains an oxygen absorber packet to preserve product freshness. This packet can be harmful to your dog if ingested, so please dispose of it carefully.
Protein: minimum 30% Fat: minimum 5% Fiber: maximum 2.5% Moisture: maximum 20% 284 kcals/100g

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