Mikey Waterproof Rectangular Cushion for Dogs and Cats



Discover the Mikey Waterproof Rectangular Cushion, the perfect option for pet owners looking for comfort and practicality. This cushion is not only soft and welcoming, but also water resistant, ensuring a clean and dry environment for your four-legged friend.



  • Waterproof: Designed with water-resistant material, this pad is ideal for outdoor use or for pets who might have accidents.
  • Elegant Colors: Available in gray and navy blue, these neutral and calming colors will easily adapt to your interior or exterior decor.
  • Two Sizes Available: Whether you have a small kitten or a medium-sized dog, this cushion is available in two sizes to suit your pet’s needs.
  • Hand Washable: Make your life easier with this easy-to-clean cushion. It is hand washable, allowing you to keep your pet’s resting area clean and hygienic.



  • Versatile use, ideal for travel, outdoor outings or simply for a cozy corner at home.
  • The waterproof material allows for quick and easy cleaning in the event of an accident or stains.
  • Sizes suitable for small and medium pets, ensuring optimal comfort for your dog or cat.


Don’t compromise between functionality and comfort for your pet. Give him the Mikey Waterproof Rectangular Cushion and watch him enjoy a well-deserved rest in complete peace and quiet. Order now!

Additional information

Additional information

Dimensions N/A
Couleur Gray, Navy Blue
Brand Zoo&co
Format Medium, Small