Lavender sleeping kit



Nowadays, there are a multitude of dog treats. But how do you make sure the treat is good for your dog? Of course, there are the ingredients on the package that give you a good idea of what the treat contains. But still?

This small box includes a small 5ml diluted bottle of lavender, a small Miouf biscuit and a small medal with volcanic stone.

Instruction: Put a drop of lavender directly on the small volcanic stone and attach it to the dog’s collar!

Lavender is an anti-chip, anti-tick and relaxing. Excellent for dogs suffering from anxiety.

Be aware that Miouf cares about ingredients and this is one of the reasons why our product stands out from the competition. Not only are they original and colorful but they are also good for your health. We only use natural peanut butter, barley flour and oats, which is suitable for most small and large breeds! That’s what makes our products a great treat! You will find bright colors, good ingredients, a great hint of love and originality!

The Miouf advantage:

Made in Quebec





In stock

Quebec products
Suitable for all dogs
Additional information

Additional information

Weight 0.70 kg
Dimensions 10.5 × 8 × 2.5 cm
Brand Miouf


Biscuit: Barley flour, oats, natural peanut butter, water

Frosting: Tapioca feculent, maltodexrine, dextrose

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