Dog dental stick


Teeth cleaning is often long and complicated. We must do it every day and even more, we must find the time to do our pets too!

Bristly is the only dog ​​dental stick that is a chew toy that also functions as a dog toothbrush. It gives dogs the power to take control of their own dental health as they bite and play.

The Bristly dental toy has been expressly designed to make toothbrushing an effortless fun time that won’t take up all of your time. This brushing tool brushes teeth, massages the gums deeply with its deep teeth and helps prevent periodontal disease. Made of durable natural rubber, this dental stick features a small toothpaste reservoir, flavored bristles, raised sides and paw supports. Different sizes are available, suitable for your dog’s size.

** The Bristly Extreme toy is designed for dogs with a strong chewing need and a stronger jaw than usual **

Please note: This toy must be used as a tooth brushing tool and therefore to be used under supervision during this period and must be taken back. Rinse well afterwards, for a next brushing session.

Additional information

Additional information

Weight 0.08 kg
Dimensions 15.2 × 8.3 × 12.1 cm