Hemp oil



Most commercial foods do not contain the right level of fatty acids essential for good health, especially since these disappear during cooking. The hemp oil incorporated into your pet’s daily diet will therefore help maintain good health. Its perfect balance of Omega 3 and Omega 6 will provide your animal with the many benefits of essential fatty acids, essential for the proper development of tissues and for the functioning of the reproductive, ocular and nervous systems.

Crocx Hemp Oil is a 100% natural food supplement with multiple health benefits for your pet. Containing essential fats, vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants, this food helps maintain a regular and stable metabolism, strengthens the immune system and increases vitality.

You can also apply hemp oil directly to your pet’s skin. It will help quickly relieve itching and stimulate cell regeneration. Hemp oil will help heal wounds while protecting the skin from pathogens. It will also help the latter to stay hydrated. Regular use of hemp oil will help your pet maintain a glossy, silky coat. As a bonus, it will even help control hair loss!

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Cannabis sativa L (seeds)

Key features
Stress reduction, improved sleep, articulations (Natural anti-inflammatory), bonified health immunity.
How to use
Quantity may vary depending on the weight of your animal:  Dog  1.5 – 9 kg: 1.25 ml per day (2 1⁄2 pumps)  9 – 22 kg: 2.5 ml per day (5 pumps)  22 – 45 kg: 5 ml per day (10 pumps)  Cat  2 – 3 kg: 0.63 ml per day (1 1/4 pumps)  3 – 5 kg: 1.25 ml per day (2 1/2 pumps)  + de 5 kg: 2.5 ml per day (5 pumps)

Additional information

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Dimensions 15 × 6 × 6.5 cm
Brand Crocx
Format 236ml