Happy Planet Leo Litter Box



A winning recipe for nature and our animals.
Easy to use, easy to install, everyday comfort and a deep love of the environment is what Happy Planet by Savic wants.

Leo Happy Planet is a large litter box with a lid made from at least 90% post-consumer materials. This box is recommended for larger cats as well as for families with more than one.
Nice transparent door to keep the litter inside, a replaceable filter to get rid of bad odors and a handle for easy transport.
You just have to secure the lid to the litter box with the clips provided for this purpose. These can easily be released to clean the bin.
By using post-consumer materials, we can reduce the impact on nature. Soft greens and browns set the tone for a design that is as environmentally friendly as its composition.

Easy clean
Odour control
Suitable for all cats
Additional information

Additional information

Weight 1.54 kg
Dimensions 64 × 46 × 45 cm
Colours Grey, Green
Brand Savic

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