Gizmo blue litter box



Gizmo is a stylish litter box with a removable rim.

Open litter box, made of sturdy plastic with a modern design that offers rounded edges with a perforated entry ensuring that the litter stays in the box.

Equipped with higher sides to contain urine for quick and easy cleaning. Cats often prefer an open box to make sure they stay in touch with the environment around them and therefore feel more secure.

This tray, thanks to its lower entry, is suitable for young cats, older cats and cats with health problems, having difficulty moving properly.

Easy clean
Easy to access
Suitable for all cats
Key features
  • Holes in the rim prevent the litter from falling outside the box when exiting
  • Raised back keeps urine and litter inside, area clean and tidy around tray
  • Lower entry, suitable for younger, older and sick cats
  • For quick, easy cleaning and extended toilet life at home, use Bag it Up litter bags
  • Large, suitable for all types of cats.
  • Ergonomic
Additional information

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Format Medium, Large
Brand Savic

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