Eco-Friendly litter of pine pellet


The eco-friendly paper pellet litter is an ideal choice for environmentally conscious pet owners. Made from natural paper, this litter provides a nature-friendly alternative to traditional litters. The paper pellets are highly absorbent, allowing for a clean and fresh environment for longer periods. Additionally, due to its natural composition, this litter does not contain harsh chemicals, making it safe and non-toxic for your pet. Provide your furry companion with a clean and comfortable space using the eco-friendly paper pellet litter.

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Responsible / Green
  1. Pour a layer of 2 to 3 inches of Fresh4Life litter into a clean and dry litter box.
  2. Ensure to maintain an adequate thickness of litter for optimal absorption.
  3. After each use, remove solid waste and lightly stir the litter to promote aeration.
  4. Add fresh litter as needed to maintain the appropriate level.
  5. Completely change the litter once a week, thoroughly cleaning the litter box.
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Additional information

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