Eco-Friendly litter of grass

Introducing the new Fresh4Life Eco-Friendly Grass Litter, specially designed for environmentally-conscious cats. This revolutionary litter provides a sustainable and natural alternative to maintain your cat’s litter cleanliness. Made from natural and renewable grass, this litter is environmentally-friendly while delivering exceptional performance. It is non-toxic, free from chemical additives, and biodegradable, making it a responsible choice for you and your feline companion. Give your cat ultimate comfort and make a positive impact on the planet with Fresh4Life Eco-Friendly Grass Litter.

• Long-Lasting Odor Control
• Up to 3x More Absorbent than Clay
• 99% Dust-Free
• Maximum Clumping Action
• Ideal for Multi-Cat Households

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

1. Pour a layer of 2 to 3 inches of Fresh4Life Eco-Friendly Grass Litter into a clean and dry litter box. 2. Ensure to maintain an adequate thickness of litter for optimal absorption. 3. After each use, remove solid waste and lightly stir the litter to promote aeration. 4. Add fresh litter as needed to maintain the appropriate level. 5. Completely change the litter once a week, thoroughly cleaning the litter box.
We recommend gradually transitioning to Fresh4Life Eco-Friendly Grass Litter by mixing it with your old litter for a smooth transition. Please refer to the instructions provided by Fresh4Life for additional specific information. Choose sustainability and performance with Fresh4Life Eco-Friendly Grass Litter, the best choice for your cat and our planet.
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Additional information