Crinkle ball



Discover our Crinkle Sound Ball, the perfect toy to awaken your cat’s natural instinct for play and curiosity. This playful, crinkly ball is specially designed to provide hours of fun and entertainment for your feline.

Made with quality materials, the Crinkle Sound Ball emits captivating sounds with every movement, catching your cat’s attention and stimulating their interest.

Its crinkle design provides a unique texture that encourages interactive play, allowing your cat to have fun chasing, pushing and catching.

Compact and lightweight, this sound ball is easy for your cat to handle, allowing them to play at will while exercising their physical and mental abilities.

Give your cat an irresistible toy with our Crinkle Sound Ball and ensure safe moments of fun and entertainment. You can only rejoice to see your feline having fun and flourishing thanks to this fun and interactive toy.

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Additional information

Brand CanCor