Chicken stew canned food for kittens to adult cats (374 g)

Performatrin Ultra


Offer a delightful culinary experience to your kitten or adult cat with our chicken stew canned food. Carefully prepared, this balanced meal is designed to satisfy the discerning taste buds of your feline companion. Our special recipe combines juicy pieces of tender chicken with a flavorful sauce, creating an irresistible feast for feline gourmets. Each can contains 374 g of pure happiness for your cat, providing complete nutrition and unmatched gustatory satisfaction.

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Give an appropriate portion of chicken stew canned food to your kitten or adult cat based on their weight and dietary needs. Serve the food at room temperature and make sure to always provide an ample supply of fresh water. For optimal feeding, consult the feeding recommendations indicated on the packaging. Store any unused leftovers in the refrigerator and consume them within two days of opening. Treat your feline companion to this delicious and nutritious stew and watch them savor every moment of their meal.
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Additional information

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