Chicken stew can for puppy to adult dog (374g)

Give your canine companion a delicious and balanced culinary experience with our cans of Chicken Stew for Puppy to Adult Dog. Prepared with high-quality ingredients and rich in flavors, these cans will awaken your dog’s appetite and provide them with a healthy diet. Chicken stew is a source of lean and essential proteins for muscle development and overall health of your pet. With an appetizing texture and irresistible flavor, this tasty recipe is formulated to satisfy even the most demanding palates. The cans are also suitable for growing puppies and adult dogs, offering a convenient solution to feed your pets at different stages of their lives. Provide your dog with nutritious and tasty food with our cans of Chicken Stew.
Serve the cans of Chicken Stew at room temperature. For a puppy, give 1/2 to 1 can per day, depending on its weight and nutritional needs. For an adult dog, give 1 to 2 cans per day, depending on its weight and activity level. Make sure to provide fresh water to your animal at all times. For a smooth transition, gradually mix the cans with the previous food over a period of about one week. Please consult your veterinarian for specific recommendations for your dog.
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Additional information