Chicken pâté canned food for kittens (156 g)

Give your kitten a delicious taste experience with our chicken pâté canned food specially designed to meet their nutritional needs. Made with high-quality ingredients, this tasty recipe contains tender and juicy chicken perfectly blended with other essential nutrients to promote healthy growth and development for your little companion. Chicken pâté has a texture that kittens appreciate, providing them with moist food that encourages them to stay hydrated. Treat your kitten to an irresistible culinary experience while providing them with the nutrients they need to grow up healthy.
Serve an appropriate portion of the chicken pâté canned food for kittens in a clean bowl and let your kitten indulge. It is recommended to follow the daily recommended portions based on the weight and age of your kitten. Always make sure to provide fresh water. Store the unused canned food in the refrigerator and serve it at room temperature. Please consult your veterinarian for specific advice on feeding your kitten.
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Additional information