Chicken and scallop recipe lickable puree for cats

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Treat your cat to an exquisite culinary experience with our Lickable Puree in the delicious chicken and scallop recipe. Made with high-quality ingredients, this puree is specially designed to delight your feline’s taste buds. The savory combination of tender chicken pieces and juicy scallops will make your cat drool with every lick. In addition to its delicious taste, our puree is also rich in essential nutrients to support your four-legged companion’s health and well-being. Give them an irresistible treat with our Lickable Puree Chicken & Scallop Recipe!

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Simply apply a small amount of the lickable puree to a plate or directly onto your cat's paw. Let them lick and enjoy at their own pace. You can also use the puree as a topping for their kibble or to supplement their main meal. Ensure fresh water is available for your cat. For optimal freshness, carefully seal the tube after use and store it in a cool, dry place. Feel free to consult your veterinarian for additional advice on feeding your cat.
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Additional information

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