Catnip Garden® Plush Balls Sprinkled with Catnip (Assorted Colors)


Discover the Catnip Garden® Plush Balls, the essential accessory for entertaining and stimulating your cat! These soft plush balls are specially designed to be sprinkled with our irresistible Catnip Garden® catnip. Your beloved feline will be delighted by the captivating aromas emanating from these balls, enticing them to play and bounce around in all directions. The assorted colors add a touch of whimsy, guaranteeing hours of fun and amusement for your furry companion. Give your cat endless moments of entertainment with the Catnip Garden® Plush Balls!

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To provide an optimal experience for your cat, simply generously sprinkle each plush ball with Catnip Garden® catnip. Then place them near your cat, preferably in a location where they like to play. Watch your feline react with enthusiasm to the stimulating effects of the catnip and enjoy moments of intense play and excitement. Remember to regularly reapply catnip to maintain your cat's interest and maximize their pleasure.
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