Catnip Garden® Natural Catnip in a Pouch


Discover Catnip Garden®, the natural catnip that will delight your favorite feline! This premium catnip pouch is carefully cultivated to ensure a stimulating and calming experience for your cat. Catnip Garden® is known for its irresistibly attractive power on cats, who are drawn to its enchanting scent. By offering it to your companion, you allow them to have fun, relax, and be entertained for hours. Add a touch of magic to your cat’s life with Catnip Garden®!

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To use Catnip Garden®, simply open the pouch and let your cat approach the catnip. You can also sprinkle a little Catnip Garden® on your cat's toys or scratching posts to encourage play and entertainment. Remember to limit the amount of Catnip Garden® used to avoid excessive exposure. Enjoy the relaxing and stimulating effects of Catnip Garden® with your cat and create unforgettable bonding moments.
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Additional information