Catnip Garden® Natural Catnip in a Pouch


Give your cat a unique sensory experience with Catnip Garden® Natural Catnip in a pouch. Our catnip is carefully cultivated and dried to preserve all its aromas and stimulating properties. Catnip Garden® is known to pique the interest and enthusiasm of cats, enticing them to play and expend their energy. Simply add a small amount of Catnip Garden® to a toy or scratching post, and watch your cat have hours of fun. Delight your feline with this premium catnip, guaranteed to brighten their everyday life!

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Sprinkle a small amount of Catnip Garden® on a toy or scratching post and let your cat discover the enchanting aroma of catnip. Watch them rub, play, and bounce with excitement. Repeat the application as needed to maintain your cat's interest and enthusiasm. Store the pouch in a cool, dry place to preserve the freshness of the catnip between each use. Enjoy moments of bonding and entertainment with your feline companion thanks to Catnip Garden®!
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