Catnip garden® natural catnip in a bag


Discover the irresistible pleasure of our Catnip Garden® Natural Catnip in a Bag! Give your beloved feline a unique sensory experience with this premium-quality catnip. Cultivated in our specially designed gardens, this catnip is 100% natural, with no additives or preservatives. Its intoxicating fragrance will stimulate your cat’s instincts for play and curiosity, making them completely hooked! Get ready for unforgettable moments of entertainment and relaxation with Catnip Garden®.

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To provide your cat with maximum enjoyment, simply open the bag of Catnip Garden® Natural Catnip and allow your feline to approach and smell the captivating aroma. You can also lightly rub the catnip on a favorite toy to increase its appeal. Be careful not to give too much catnip at once to avoid excessive stimulation. To preserve its freshness, securely close the bag after use. Enjoy the magical moments that Catnip Garden® can offer your cat!
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Additional information