Catit, Zoo Scratchers


Scratching helps cats relax, trim their claws and spread their scent. These adorable scratching posts are perfect for your little tiger to scratch and relax.

Giraffe-shaped scratching posts can be leaned on a wall for cats to stretch while scratching.

2-in-1 design: Gorilla, polar bear, elephant and rhino scratching posts include a second removable scratching post.

Packaging: The scratching posts are individually shrink-wrapped and include a colorful label and a sachet of catnip. Delicate corners are protected by a cardboard strip.


✔️ Are made of corrugated cardboard in the shape of an animal

✔️ Help protect furniture from damage caused by cat claws

✔️ Include catnip

Additional information

Additional information

Brand Catit
Format Crocodile, Elephant (2-in-1), Gorilla, Hippo, Large Giraffe, Polar Bear (2-in-1), Rhino (2-in-1), Shark, Small Giraffe