Catit, Pixi Smart Feeder

Cat food dispenser with remote control

With the Catit PIXI™ Smart Dispenser, you can easily plan your cat’s meal times or dispense food instantly with the press of a button! You will no longer need to worry about whether your cat is hungry thanks to the mobile application including, among other things, a real-time status overview, optional notifications and the ability to share with family and friends.


✔️ Large food tank

✔️ Airtight container for food freshness

✔️ Stainless steel bowl

✔️ Integrated WiFi

✔️ Remote control app (no registration required)

✔️ Instant food distribution

✔️ Meal programming

✔️ Portion control

✔️ Fill alert

✔️ Optional audio alerts

✔️ Battery backup of approximately 58 hours

✔️ Easy cleaning

Can contain ± 1.2 kg of food, for ± 10 to 15 days* (*) Average results for an adult cat
Additional information

Additional information