Catit, Pixi Scratchers


Catit PIXI® scratching posts are available in 3 designs

Cat scratching posts can complement the decor in a home. Combining neutral colors and delicate feline features, the Catit PIXI® scratching post will be your cat’s new favorite place to scratch their claws to their heart’s content, protecting furniture.

The Catit PIXI® scratching post is made of high-quality, replaceable cardboard and a stylish laminated wood finish. In addition, it includes a ball to play with as well as a stable base to keep it in an upright position.


Elegant oak-look finish

The oak-look finish of the external panels gives unparalleled elegance to Catit PIXI® scratching posts. In addition to being beautiful, scratching posts help direct your cat’s attention away from your furniture and scratch on the cardboard surface.

Additional information

Additional information

Brand Catit
Format Cat Tail, Tall, Wide