Catit, Divine Shreds in Jelly – Chicken varieties

Four delicious flavors made with tender shredded chicken.

✔️ Chicken with salmon and pumpkin

✔️ Chicken with liver and broccoli

✔️ Chicken with tuna and carrot

✔️ Chicken with mackerel and broccoli


There are no better additions to your cat’s daily diet than Catit Divine Shreds Toppings in Jelly. These tender pieces of chicken are combined with delicious vegetables and served in a hydrating jelly.

Our delicious Catit Divine Shreds recipes are now also available in jelly, to be served as a complementary dish rich in poultry. Each shrink wrapped pack of Divine Shreds in Jelly includes 4 cans, each containing a 3 oz. serving.
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Additional information