Bag of 12 happy birthday biscuit



Give your faithful canine companion a delicious surprise with the 12-Piece Happy Birthday Biscuit Bag from Miouf. These biscuits specially designed for dogs are the perfect gift to celebrate a special occasion. Made with love and high-quality ingredients, these tasty biscuits will delight your dog’s taste buds and turn every birthday or event into a real party. The bag includes 12 exquisite biscuits, each adorned with a festive and enticing pattern. Make every moment memorable with Miouf’s Happy Birthday biscuits!

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To treat your dog with Miouf's Happy Birthday biscuits, simply give them one or more biscuits according to their size and dietary needs. These biscuits can be served as occasional treats or as a reward during training. Always ensure fresh water is available for your dog. Store the biscuits in a cool, dry place to maintain their freshness and flavor. Remember to supervise your dog while they enjoy these delicious biscuits and adjust their food intake accordingly. Make every occasion a celebration with Miouf's Happy Birthday biscuits!
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Additional information

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