Dual surface scratch pole, seagrass & felt


The Hauspanther scratching post takes up minimal space in your home, turning unused space into cat scratching and play space.

Suitable for Tables from 70 to 80 cm high. Fixed according to tensions, just turn to adjust. Sturdy so that kitty cannot tip it over. Easy to uninstall for storage or relocation. Double scratching surface with sea grass and silky mat. The post trigger’s the cat to play and scratch. Non-slip pads for stability and to protect your floor.


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Key features
  • Double scratching surface, maximize your space, stimulates kitty to play.
  • Push-in installation - just turn to adjust height.
  • Fits tables that are 70 to 80 cm (27.5-31.5 in) high.
  • Installs under most tables and desks.
  • Solid, withstand the assaults of your cat.
  • Easy to uninstall - you can put it away or move it around at will.
  • Two surfaces: natural seagrass and felt.
  • Hanging ball that encourages your cat to play.
  • Non-slip pads that stabilize the post without damaging your floors.
Additional information

Additional information

Weight .9 kg
Dimensions 15.5 × 42.5 × 9 cm