18-inch rope toy – red


Provide your dog with hours of entertainment with our 18-inch Rope Toy! Made with durable and resilient materials, this toy is designed to withstand intense biting and tugging. Its rope texture helps clean your dog’s teeth while massaging their gums, promoting good oral health. The vibrant red color makes the toy attractive and easy to spot during outdoor play sessions. Stimulate your dog’s energy and natural instincts with this interactive and fun toy.

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  1. Allow your dog to explore the toy by sniffing and licking it to become familiar with its scent.
  2. Encourage your dog to grab the rope toy and vigorously shake it for fun.
  3. Play interactive games such as "tug of war" or "fetch the toy" to strengthen the bond with your dog.
  4. Regularly monitor the condition of the toy and replace it if there is excessive wear to ensure your dog's safety.
Additional information

Additional information