All about the Maine coon

With its spectacular tail and lion-like mane surrounding its face, cat lovers (including the entire team at Chico!) have been enamoured with Maine coons for decades. Want to know more about this majestic cat’s physical characteristics, personality and what it takes to care for one? Read on!


Originally from the state of Maine in the U.S., the Maine coon isn’t a standard-size cat. In fact, it’s one of the biggest breeds of domestic felines in the world. They average between six and 14 kilograms, with males being generally larger than females. You can recognize a Maine coon by its rectangular body shape, long and bushy tail and majestic mane. The ears are also key features: they have tufts of fur on top pointy peaks that make the Maine coon look a little like a lynx.

The most common colour for this breed of cat is brown tabby, but this type of cat can be found in all sorts of shades and patterns, including tortoise shell, parti-colour and silver. The breed’s imposing size and resemblance to a wild animal play a big part in the breed’s popularity.


Most Maine coon owners report that their pets are affectionate, playful, intelligent, gentle and easygoing. However, each cat has its own individual traits. If you’re thinking about adopting your own, talk to the breeder about your prospective kitty’s personality and be sure to spend some time with the cat to make sure you’re compatible.

Special care

Regular brushing is necessary for these medium- to long-haired cats because their fur mats easily and can cause their skin to become irritated. It’s best to get your kitten accustomed to having its tail and head brushed to avoid having an adult cat that doesn’t want to be groomed, especially if it’s going to reach 14 kilograms. Finally, keep the breed’s size in mind when shopping for accessories like the litter box, bed, cat tree and feeding bowl. To ensure your cat stays comfortable, you may need to opt for bigger products.

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