A whole host of jobs for animal lovers

Do you love animals so much that you want to be around them as often as possible? Fortunately, there are plenty of jobs that allow you to do just that. In this article, the Chico team has assembled a list of career options that might interest you.

Pet store employee. From sales associate to store manager, pet stores and boutiques offer a range of job opportunities. Depending on the position, you may be responsible for taking care of the animals, advising customers on their choice of food and accessories, dealing with human resources or overseeing the shop’s finances. Working in a place that’s dedicated to the well-being of small animals (like Chico) is ideal for people who love pets of all kinds.

Pet groomer. Do you have a soft spot for cats and dogs? If so, becoming a groomer will allow you to interact with all types of breeds every day. The traits you’ll need include confidence, calmness, gentleness and good observation skills (to notice skin problems, for example, and advise the animal’s owner to consult a veterinarian). Did you know that Chico offers grooming services at some of our locations? Who knows, one day you might join our dynamic team.

Dog trainer. This is a great profession for people who love dogs. Among other things, you’ll be asked to offer non-coercive solutions to correct bad behaviour in canines of all ages and breeds. You’ll also collaborate with pet owners to instil good behaviours.

Veterinarian. These medical professionals work in a variety of settings including animal clinics and hospitals, farms and laboratories. If you’re concerned about the health of all types of animals, as a veterinarian, you can play a vital role in the care of pets, livestock or exotic animals. From offering advice about the proper diet for a pet to consulting on proper breeding conditions for farm animals, the job opportunities are endless.

Animal photographer. Do you have an eye for capturing moments in which animals are the centre of attention? If so, consider making it your job. Many pet owners are looking for photographers to capture memories of their cats, dogs or even horses. Keep in mind that you’ll need an artistic eye and plenty of patience to capture THE perfect image that a pet owner won’t be able to resist framing and sharing on Facebook.

Pet sitter. Would you like to get paid to watch, feed and walk someone else’s dog when they’re away or if they have reduced mobility? If so, you can live the animal-lover’s dream of becoming a part-time or full-time pet sitter. And it’s not just dogs that need this type of service. You could take care of rabbits, cats, parrots, fish, reptiles and more. Doesn’t that sound interesting?

Zootherapist. If you enjoy taking care of people as much as animals, a career in zootherapy might be right for you. This professional administers animal-assisted therapy, which involves pets spending time with people who are frail, sick or disabled. Cats, dogs, ferrets, guinea pigs and other animals can be used for this therapeutic technique in conjunction with other types of care.

Animal shelter employee. Do you care about the welfare of animals and want to do your part to promote the well-being of strays and abandoned pets? Animal shelters offer a range of positions. Depending on your training and interests, you could work as a receptionist, a veterinary technician or a custodian. If you want a break from your routine, there’s never a dull moment when you work at an animal shelter.

Pet boarding employee. From doggy daycares to animal hotels, there are many places that provide short-term accommodations for pets. As with many of these other jobs, this role can encompass a wide range of responsibilities, many of which involve caring for animals. What more could you want?

Remember, these are just some of the occupations that will allow you to interact with domestic or wild animals. You may also want to become a breeder, a wildlife protection officer, a zoologist, a guide dog trainer, a game warden or an equestrian instructor. Check out the websites of various educational institutions to find a training program that will set you on the career path of your dreams.

Pets have been our passion for more than 37 years

It’s no surprise that all the employees at Chico stores are animal lovers through and through. That’s why we make sure to offer top-quality products (food, accessories, toys, etc.) and exemplary services (advice, tag engraving, grooming, delivery) to all of our loyal customers in Quebec. And we’ve been doing this since 1984.

If you love animals, have a lot of ambition and want to be your own boss, consider becoming a Chico pet shop franchisee and joining our big, happy family.