A recipe adapted to each stage of life

Throughout its life, your pet will evolve towards different stages of its development. Over time, the needs of your companions will change, and it is important to adapt your diet to its stage of development.

Early in their lives, when they are still young beasts, animals need more energy from their diets to support their rapid development and growth. Kibble recipes often consist of smaller bites that are easy for the animal to chew.

When moving to the adult stage, your pet will have to find a stable recipe for several years. The ideal recipe takes into consideration allergies, health issues, the energy needs of the breed as well as a kibble format adapted to the adult size of your pet.

Specialized recipes exist for adult animals that are overweight, very active or have digestive problems, it is your animal specialist who will be able to recommend the ideal recipe for your pet.

After 8 years in canines and 10 years in felines, your pet will be considered old, at this time the energy needs decrease, and some food supplements are necessary to support the growing deficiencies in the joints, digestion, and vision of your pet.

Manufacturers of specialized pet foods offer several varieties of recipes that differ in their compositions (proteins and formulas), format and states (raw, pâté or croquette).

To be sure that your pet is fed with a recipe adapted to his needs, do not hesitate to consult your animal expert at your chico neighborhood shop.


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