4 tips for caring for your pet after an operation

Is your pet about to undergo an operation (neutering, tumour removal, etc.)? If so, then follow these four tips to ensure that he or she experiences minimal pain and discomfort when returning home.


  • Prepare a comfy spot for your pet to rest


Set up a cosy area where your pet will feel comfortable and safe. Make sure it’s well-ventilated and heated (about 23 °C). It should also be in a spot where you’re able to monitor your convalescing patient at all times. This way, you can provide instant help should a problem arise.


  • Prevent your pet from touching the affected area


Animals have a tendency to scratch, lick and nibble at bandages and stitches. This can cause wounds to reopen and bleed or to become infected, thereby necessitating a visit to the emergency room. If your animal is unable to leave the affected area alone, you’ll have to get it a medical collar (sometimes known as a pet cone), which will have to be worn until the affected area has healed. There are several comfortable products on the market, some of which are padded or inflatable.


  • Follow the veterinarian’s instructions to the letter


If your veterinarian gave you specific instructions for managing your pet’s convalescence, it’s important that you follow them diligently. These may be directions about how to administer medication, how much food to give your pet or what exercises your pet needs to do.

If you believe an instruction doesn’t apply to your situation or that the pain medication isn’t working, call the hospital or veterinary clinic and discuss the matter with a professional. Don’t under any circumstance increase the dose of a medication your pet is taking without having received authorization from your veterinarian. 


  • Watch for worrying symptoms


A surgical operation always involves the potential risk of complications. If you notice anything unusual (for example, if the wound is oozing or bleeding or if your animal refuses to eat or is whimpering or vomiting), get in touch with your veterinarian right away.

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