3 Tips for creating a vibrant aquarium

Fish are decidedly low-maintenance; nonetheless, taking care of an aquarium isn’t as simple as it may seem. Keeping fish requires a bit of know-how, as numerous problems could arise: foggy glass, algae, mould, unusual smells and the death of fish and plants, to name a few. To learn more about creating and maintaining an aquarium, read this article prepared by Chico, your neighbourhood pet shop,.

1. Get your fish and your aquarium products from a pet store

To create an aquarium that will be teeming with life, it’s best to avoid classified ads and department stores, for there’s no guarantee that you’ll get the best quality fish, plants and aquarium materials. When you’ve decided to take up your exciting new hobby, be sure to do it by the book and buy your aquarium, fish, accessories and food at a reputable shop. At Chico, we offer a large variety of fish and high-quality products.  

2. Get reliable information

When you’re looking for information on how to maintain your aquarium, be wary of internet discussion forums and all other amateur advice. If you get some faulty information, this could eventually lead to serious problems with your aquarium. Only consult reputable websites, books and articles written by specialists—or come to Chico to speak with one of our experts.

3. Adopt a system for maintaining your aquarium

Unlike, say, cats, who meow and coil around your ankles when they desire attention, fish are silent pets confined to their watery enclosure. In other words, it’s easy to forget about them. So find an effective method to remind yourself to feed them, clean the filters, test the pH level and so on. For instance, you could write everything in an agenda, set alerts on your smartphone, or, if you’re tech-savvy, you could use an app designed specifically for maintaining an aquarium—yes those exist!

Making your aquarium the very best

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